GemGfx Newspaper Spread Mockup (Free Download)

In my time as a graphic designer, and I’m sure it’s the same with many graphic designers, I’ve done many newspaper ads. I realized that in the world of graphic design, we could always use a newspaper spread mockup, to display those ads to customers before they go to print. So we’ve decided to make one. We’ve recently arrived at 12 thousand likes, and as usual we’d like to commemorate the occasion with a giveaway. This time around, our giveaway is a hi quality Newspaper Spread Mockup.


This mockup is high res. 5000 x 3500 pixels. It has two smart objects. One for the left page, and one for the right. The left page features two small adds and text body. The right page features the space for a full page ad. We think it’s cool, and we hope you do to and find it useful.

This is an entirely FREE, Hi-Res, PSD, Realistic Newspaper Spread Mock Up. It is available for both commercial and personal use. Selling of this file or modifying it for selling purposes is strictly prohibited. (this does not apply to the work the file is used to present, but the file itself). It is a layered PSD file, and the artwork is easily edited via smart objects.

Our purpose at GemGfx for making this a free download, is so that we might be able to help other designers, advertisers and creatives to layout and present their work to their clients in a professional way. To help them turn that presentation into the one that wins the contract. By downloading and using the file, you agree to its terms of use








To download the package, click the button below.

More FREE GIVEAWAYS to come. Share this so all in our design community can benefit.

About Everard McBain
Everard is the Creative Director and CEO of GemGfx. GemGfx is a multidisciplinary design consultancy based in Trinidad and Tobago. He has been involved in the field of Graphic Design for over 14 years.