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GemGfx Website is Live, Countdown to Launch Still On.

Many of you would have noticed that our website has gone live. Some have asked ” Did you decide to launch early?” or “What happened to the big launch date?”. We hope we can clear things up with this release.

A few weeks ago we launched the first phase of our website testing. The “Closed Beta” stage if you will. During which time we’ve gotten what we consider to be some really good feedback from our website testers. What’s happening now is phase two of testing. The “Open Beta” stage if you will.

GemGfx New Website

We’ve made the site live so that everyone can visit and interact with the site and give us feedback on it’s behaviour and functionality. It gives us a wider cross section of feedback to work from, as well as gives us an opportunity to be indexed by Google and other search engines.

We will be implementing minor modifications based on the feedback we get as we go along, and from time to time we’ll be conducting special maintenance to work on major changes. In the meantime, we still have an official launch date of January 1st 2014, and we’ll be doing our giveaways every month from now till then. So you can look forward to that.

[tminus t=”01-01-2014 12:00:00″/]

We’ll keep you updated as we move closer to our launch date. Stay up to date and informed by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

About Everard McBain
Everard is the Creative Director and CEO of GemGfx. GemGfx is a multidisciplinary design consultancy based in Trinidad and Tobago. He has been involved in the field of Graphic Design for over 14 years.

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