GemGfx Corporate Identity Mockup Part 7 (Free Download)

The new year of 2014 greeted us with a whole lot of “busy”. We at GemGfx have been caught up with some new projects that we are working on. One of which is Celflux, a project that is close to our hearts. So we did not realize that our Facebook page had grown to 8,000 Likes. As is our custom we like to have a give-away every time you guys help us achieve a milestone. This time will be no exception. We know how hard it is for students as well as up and coming graphic designers to find good, high quality resources, so we’ll do our best to continue to provide what we can. If you guys appreciate us here at GemGfx and the resources we provide do remember to spread the word and tell others about us. Also, we are looking for suggestions as to the best way to make the files available to people who do not have Facebook either by choice, or because they live in a country where it is not allowed.

Our giveaway this week includes the following items. Poster, IPad, Shopping Bag, CD, IPhone, and Business Card. It’s a large, high res file. 4000 x 6000 pixels.

GemGfx 8000 Facebook Likes

This is an entirely FREE, Hi-Res, PSD, Corporate Identity, Branding Mock Up. It is available for both commercial and personal use. Selling of this file or modifying it for selling purposes is strictly prohibited. (this does not apply to the work the file is used to present, but the file itself). It is a layered PSD file, and the artwork is easily edited via smart objects.

Our purpose at GemGfx for making this a free download, is so that we might be able to help other designers, advertisers and creatives to layout and present their work to their clients in a professional way. To help them turn that presentation into the one that wins the contract. By downloading and using the file, you agree to its terms of use.







To download the package, click the button below.

More FREE GIVEAWAYS to come as we get closer to our official site launch. As usual if you find this file helpful, please consider telling others about

Till next time.

About Everard McBain
Everard is the Creative Director and CEO of GemGfx. GemGfx is a multidisciplinary design consultancy based in Trinidad and Tobago. He has been involved in the field of Graphic Design for over 14 years.

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